Server Room Cleaning

Server Room Cleaning

Our personal computers are relatively clean, and we rarely think of opening them up to remove the filthy dust and debris. You would be shocked to learn about all the filth in a personal computer, even if we keep it in a relatively clean room with no open windows or pets to dust around the dust.

Now, the computers we own only have a fraction of the dirt you could find in a server room. Cleaning inside the data room is relevant if you want your business to run better. These rooms are left to run daily and have more than one person walk in for simple tasks like adding in a tape, switching up the wires, or rebooting a faulty server.

Because the equipment is so sensitive, the answer isn't to occasionally open the doors to standard office cleaners, which can lead to disaster. Instead, a business should contract with a professional server cleaner to ensure the room is cleaned correctly. Here are three benefits of cleaning a data center regularly. 

What You Need To Know About Server Room Cleaning

It Reduces The Risk Of Physical Accidents

The server room can be a habitat ripe for accidents when the floor is too dusty that it is slippery. You want to clean the server room regularly, especially if you move the servers around or have an active working schedule. The dust can be dangerous for people who have a breathing sensitivity like asthma.

Cuts Down On The Operating Time

The data center will have a lot of downtimes and cause the loss of thousands of dollars for an average business. Removing dirt and dust improves the life cycle and makes for a less complex IT infrastructure. We will not need to come in for frequent filter changes because the air is generally cleaner. The best part about this is that you will not have any downtime due to rodents, which are notably tougher to spot and eliminate compared to dust and dirt contamination.

Major Areas Of The Server Room Cleaning Process

The Floor

The data center has a design that can store static charge, especially when the floor is made of a conductive material like metal. Improper chemicals and products will only aggravate the case and intensify the chipping and delamination. We have a controlled hardware cleaning protocol that only uses the right chemicals and tools to unclog the surfaces, reduce the electrical charge and maintain a stable space.

Plenum Data Center Cleaning And Sanitization

The mainboard plenum sucks dust and dirt from all over the room, which creates a potential environment for the equipment to be damaged. We prefer that you keep the room and floor in pristine condition, so there is less dirt trapped in the air and, therefore, a slight risk to the amount of risk on your servers and other items.

Pre And Post Construction Data Center Cleaning Services

We also offer cleaning services before and after the construction, so it is spotless and fully operational with no chance of failure upon launching. Our data center cleaning contractors invite you for a consultation to discuss more details on your data room cleaning services. Check out the online shop for products that could boost your data center operations. 

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