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Premium Seasoned Hardwoods

Specializing in premium seasoned hardwoods, all firewood sales come with personal service; we offer pick-up or delivery. (delivery charges apply)

When the wind turns cold, you’ll hear that chainsaw off in the distance; it’s probably Cliff and the guys working as long as daylight will allow, so you can stay home and enjoy those cold nights by a warm fire!

Buyer beware!

A loosely thrown cord or pile is used to trick customers! Don’t be fooled! Firewood will measure out differently if loosely thrown into the back of a pickup truck!

The state of Maine instituted laws to distinguish the difference:

Loosely thrown cord” shall mean the amount of wood, bark and air contained in a space of 180 cubic feet.

Tightly stacked cord” shall mean pieces are aligned, parallel, touching and compact to occupy a volume of 128 cubic feet.

(40% difference by volume)

Cliff's Corner: Firewood Facts

Burning green firewood can lead to chimney fires! Higher moisture content in the firewood results in “incomplete combustion” within your fireplace causing creosote build up along the chimney walls. So, either buy seasoned firewood, or buy early in the year so it can dry on your property, allowing 6-12 months drying time. Seasoned firewood will be discolored (blackened.) DO NOT drape a tarp over your firewood pile, but rather cover the top of the stack ONLY to shield against rain, allowing the air to move through the firewood stack. Dark and wet allows fruiting bodies to grow. Your firewood loves fresh air and sunshine! DO NOT stack firewood directly on soil; it will continue to draw moisture! Rather, stack firewood directly on concrete, on a couple of 2’x4′ runners or a firewood rack.

Definition of Terms


Amount of wood that, when arranged so pieces are well stacked (aligned, parallel, touching and compact) occupies a volume of 128 cubic feet. 4′ x 21′ x 1.5′


1/3rd of a cord. (southern term) 4′ x 7′ x 1.5′

Face Cord

1/3rd of a cord (northern term) 4′ x 7′ x 1.5′


British Thermal Unit. It is the amount of energy needed to cool or heat one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.


Firewood Pricing

$250.00 4' x 21' - 1 Cord (128cf)
$170.00 4' x 14' - 2/3 Cord (84cf)
$125.00 4' x 10.5' - 1/2 Cord (64cf)
$85.00 4' x 7' - 1/3 Cord (42cf)

Delivery Charges

$25.00 Huntsville Metro
$50.00 Decatur/Athens/Scottsboro
Delivery charges include off-loading on or near driveway only.

We do not stack or move firewood around the property.

Pick-up at location: (call for appointment)

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